Teikiama 2 metų garantija visoms Nevartyk iešmų vartymo sistemoms

Kaip gali ja pasinaudoti?

  1. Pranešk apie gedimą;
  2. Išsiųsk nusipirktą gaminį mums;
  3. Mes jį pakeisime nauju ir išsiųsime Tau! Nesijaudink, už siuntimą mokėti nereikės 🙂

Garantija galioja, jei produktas yra gautas pažeistas arba pastebimas mechaninis gedimas proceso metu. 

Garantija negalioja, jei gedimas buvo įtakotas išorinių veiksnių.

  • Frequently asked questions

The return materials authorization (RMA) or order number is the reference number for your return. We include the RMA order number in the email confirmation sent to you. You must clearly label all returns with the RMA number so they are identifiable.

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  • Type of Warranty

Strollik has always been a design company at heart. The Innovation Department, responsible for the development of new concepts and products and counting more than 70 employees to date, is the beating heart and the engine of the company.

The original stroller, the Strollik, breathes the legacy of 15 years of the design. Having evolved over time, the iconic all-in-one stroller remains unsurpassed with regards to its defining functionalities.

Now all of our strollers, including the Strollik, share the same design

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Ežero g. 65-69, LT-76243 Šiauliai 

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